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About Jim

Twice retired, once from the USAF and again after 22 years as a senior pastor. My new endeavor as an Area Developer and Franchise owner for Ellie Mental Health will draw on my experiences as an Air Force officer, a minister and as a non-profit executive. Without our mental health, we have nothing! Ellie's goal of increasing access to mental health while also removing stigmas around seeking mental wellness are near and dear to me. There have been numerous times in my life where I've had to help someone find a therapist after they were already in crisis. Wouldn't it be fantastic if maintaining mental wellness was simply a part of a person's healthy lifestyle and it was just as easy to find?


Harvest Youth Ministries

Founder & President

Harvest Youth Ministries (HYM) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1997, originally to reach unchurched young people in Dayton, Ohio.  Since that time, we've helped many churches and communities build similar programs and have served tens of thousands of teens and their families.  Our mission is to give a new hope as we meet the practical needs of our neighbors. Harvest Youth is designed to come alongside teens and their families as they work to break cycles of poverty, unemployment, abuse and more.

Ellie Mental Health

Area Developer / Franchise Owner

Helping remove the stigma around needing/seeking mental health and making it more accessible.

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