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God Haters?

It’s a fairly often occurrence when one person or another tells me that they “believe in God” but that they don’t believe Jesus was the Christ. Many folks find the whole “Jesus is the ONLY WAY” thing way too confining. It’s almost as if they want to recreate God in THEIR image… or at least in an image they’ve created in their heads. Funny, if someone made up something untrue about you or me (especially if they denied something good about us that was true), we’d most likely have a coronary over it! Why do many, then, believe Almighty God will allow any of us to deny His Son was the Christ and get away with it? He was sent to redeem us, we killed Him–now deny Him, and somehow think there won’t be a consequence? The Holy Scriptures say that the demons know there is a God and they “shudder!” Too bad we don’t?

“He who hates me [Jesus] hates my Father as well.” John 15:23

In Christ,

PastorJimKilby @Kilbin8er

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