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Hay Is For Horses!

I saw a beautiful horse today and instantly remembered the horse I had when I was about eleven. If you know anything about horses, they’re a whole lot like people, in the sense that they have a lot of emotions–they aren’t real good at hiding them either! You see, a horse needs attention from either other horses or people. They’re social animals. They like to be rubbed, combed, petted, talked to, etc. If you ignore a horse for too long, you may pay the bill later. I’ve personally been raked up against a barbed wire fence, thrown into a creek, and almost decapitated as my horse forced me under a limb to rake me off her back. Why? I thought I could just feed and water her, and then come out every once and a while and ride her to show off for my friends. Wrong! And… I guess maybe people are a whole lot like horses. You can’t just throw some hay over the fence once and a while with a horse, and you can’t expect your family to respect you if you spend no time with them. Many fathers are caught in the lie that says, “Bring home more money, your family will respect you for it. They understand you don’t have enough time to do everything.” Wrong again! Most young people I work with just wish their dads would forget about the next raise and take them to the movies!

“Keep me as the apple of your eye” Psalm 17:8a

Are you overdrawn on the “emotional bank accounts” you hold with people who love you?

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