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“Out Of The Cross”

This weekend I was reading a physician’s account of what Christ experienced on the cross.  This doctor had a lot of facts and archeological back-up to help the explanation along, but even the endless facts and large doctor-type words couldn’t take my mind off the incredible pain this man was describing.  I simply had no idea just how cruel of an invention the cross was–designed to exert maximum pain on it’s victim.  In fact, the Roman cross was so painful that an entire new word was created simply to describe the agony involved.  The English rendering “excruciating.”  The word literally means “out of the cross.”

The following day I found this prophecy of the suffering of Christ in the 22nd Psalm.

“Many bulls surround me; strong bulls of Bashan encircle me.  Roaring lions tearing their prey open their mouths wide against me.  I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint.  My heart has turned to wax; it has melted away within me.  My strength is dried up like a potsherd and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth; you lay me in the dust of death.  Dogs have surrounded me; a band of evil men has encircled me, they have pierced my hands and my feet.  I can count all my bones; people stare and gloat over me.  They divide my garments among them and cast lots for my clothing.”  Psalm 22:12-18

In Christ,

PastorJimKilby @Kilbin8er

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