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Photos In Heaven?

I’m generally described as a “big tough guy” (getting bigger daily if you know what I mean), but the other day I was brought to tears by the gentle whisper of a young friend. She means a lot to me because I was used by God to lead her to Christ many years ago, and today God’s love came full-circle through her. She saw me across the isle at church, walked over and whispered that she’d taken a position working with handicapped young people at a local university. I congratulated her and then she stopped me, saying, “I met someone there who knows you! She even carries a picture of you and her together in her wallet!” I couldn’t believe that anyone beyond my mother or grandmother would even think of carrying my picture! Not only does God use us in ways we can never imagine, but He speaks through us with His Spirit and as we grow to look more like Him, He can do amazing things through us. So… even my soft-hearted subscribers are probably wondering why such a simple thing made me cry. Well, even though the story of the young woman was moving, at that very moment I also realized that if Jesus has a wallet, He’s got a picture of me and Him in it. Not only that, it’s a picture He cherishes… and it’s right next to the one of Him and YOU!

“No, the Father himself loves you because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God.” Jesus of Nazareth (John 16:27)

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