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As Christians, we’ve all heard it said that we need to put God first in our lives. I don’t know about most people, but I don’t have a real problem considering God more important than me. After all, He’s God, and I’m just little ole me! And, although I don’t always keep Him there, I do strive to put Him first in my life. Unfortunately for me, God’s standard is much higher than that. Not only does he want us to put Him first, He says part of doing that is putting ourselves last! Now that’s where I start to dig in my heels. Let’s face it, I don’t want to be last! I want people to like me, to think I’m important! The flesh in me wants to be FIRST… and if not first, then surely second or third… Maybe even tenth, or twentieth, but definitely not behind the people I don’t like. You know, the people who talk about me behind my back at work, or that guy who broke into our house a couple of years ago, or those people who write me hateful e-mails… Surely Lord, you don’t mean behind the people who clearly don’t have as close a walk with You as I do! That’s right Jim, in order to be first with me, you’ve got to be last in your own heart! “For he who is least among you all–he is the greatest.” Luke 9:48b “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vane conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you would look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Phillippians 2:3 In Christ, PastorJimKilby @Kilbin8er

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