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Somewhere in your adolescent years you probably realized that your life would one day come to an end. It’s not a pleasant experience for most, and it certainly wasn’t for me! It was scary! I remember that it happened near when my great grandmother died–It was the first time I had to deal with death. The uncertainty of “life after death” and especially that whole being buried in a coffin didn’t set well with me. Fortunately, even for the newest Christian, one of the first signs the Spirit of God is in you is a gentle loss of the fear of death. What could death do to us anyway? Sure, I’d rather die in some quiet and peaceful way, but in the end it won’t really matter. For the believer, death is simply another beginning! A beginning where we will once and for all be rid of the sin we struggle with–The beginning of an eternity with Christ. 

“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. He who overcomes will not be hurt at all by the second death.” Jesus of Nazareth (Revelation 2:11)

In Christ,

PastorJimKilby @Kilbin8er

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