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Fishers of Men

When Jesus called his first disciples, He told them they would no longer be fishermen, but that they would be “fishers of men.”  As always, Jesus spoke the truth.  These first disciples were the evangelists of the early church.  In one day, Peter preached and led three thousand people to the Lord.  Jesus’ call to evangelize wasn’t just issued to the disciples, nor just to preachers and church leaders–it was issued to ALL Christians.  We’re commanded to labor until Christ returns for us.  From the surveys I’ve read and the attitude of many Christians I’ve talked to, I often wonder how well we’re answering Jesus’ call to “fish.”  A survey done by one of the largest seminaries in the world reported that less than one in ten active Christians have ever led someone to the Lord.  Frankly, I’m shocked and amazed!  I guess very few are actually prepared to “follow Him.”   “Then Jesus said to Simon ‘Don’t be afraid; from now on you will catch men.’  So they pulled their boats up on shore, left everything and followed him.”  Luke 5:10b Won’t you share the story of Christ’s work in your life with someone today? In Christ, PastorJimKilby @Kilbin8er

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