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Did you do something special for your mother this weekend?  Millions of Americans were either having dinner with mom, taking mom somewhere nice, or maybe visiting their mother’s or grandmother’s graves in celebration of Mother’s Day.  My kids and I had dinner with my wife and enjoyed ourselves greatly.  We prayed for her and tried to honor her for the thousands of things she does for us, and for her wonderful character and faith in Christ.  Earlier in the week, however, I was speaking to a group of Christian teens, some of whom had their mothers with them.  One young man did something unthinkable on ANY day, but especially on Mother’s Day!  His mother asked him to do something, and he openly disrespected her in front of a group of people.  It’s interesting, but sadly true…  Many people believe they can disrespect their parents, or other adults, or even their friends, and still have a warm and wonderful relationship with Christ.  They are sadly mistaken.  The two are inseparable.  If you believe you have a great relationship with your Lord, but are not honoring your parents and others around you, you are lying to yourself and God is not amused.  The best window I’ve ever seen into someone’s relationship with Jesus is how they treat other people.

“Honor your father and your mother”  Exodus 20:12

In Christ,

PastorJimKilby @Kilbin8er


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