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Humility might just be one of the most endangered virtues in the world.  Simple respect that once was considered mandatory is now pass.  Not so many years ago a young person never addressed an older person by his first name.  My parent’s friends, for example, were either Aunt So-and-so, or Uncle This-or-that!  Now it seems like not only do people not show respect to elders, they are often down right rude to them.  And it’s not just strangers, either.  Have we forgotten the Fifth Commandment?  Honor your mother and your father!  What about the multitude of commandments dealing with loving your neighbor, honoring those older than you, or just plain respecting other people.  For Christians, these things are not pass, they are mandatory if our witness is to mean anything to those around us.  We simply cannot talk about our faith in Christ with one breath and bad mouth a teacher or a boss with the next.  At least not if we intend to be on the side of our Lord. “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”  1 Peter 5b In Christ,

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