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When I was about eight years old, my parents and I came home to a big surprise one night.  We had been robbed!  In fact, the burglars fled out the back door as they heard us coming in the front.  The biggest surprise of the night was probably not the robbers though.  Rather, it was the fact that our huge black Labrador retriever hadn’t scared them off.  They simply stood behind the fence and fed him can after can of dog food until he ate so much he couldn’t even walk!  “Wow!  Great dog,” my dad exclaimed.  We had rescued him from the dog pound and fed and cared for him for about five years by then.  Although we loved the dog very much, we couldn’t help but think he’d let us down!  As I was reading through some Scriptures today I suddenly remembered this burglary as I thought about Jesus Christ coming to earth.  I believe He would feel similar to the way my parents did that night, coming “home” to find burglars destroying everything in sight in a direct attempt to hurt the occupants of the house.  Of course, it didn’t make it any better for Him when He found that His people had gorged themselves on the slop the devil was serving and had fallen asleep on the job.  Sounds a lot like the church of today, too!

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy…”  John 10:10a

In Christ,

PastorJimKilby @Kilbin8er

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